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The 360 Investment Binder

From: Joelle Jay, Ph.D., MCC, CPCC.

To: Executives, Business Leaders, Independent Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Dear Leader,

If you're like most leaders, you've had your ups and downs. Some days, everything just clicks. You're reaching your goals and getting results. Other days, you can't do anything right. Your goals seem very far away, and you wonder if you're doomed to a life of mediocrity.Well, imagine there was a way to make everyday a success.

Would you want to know what it is? I thought you would -- because I did, too.

What is the key to a leader's success? Clear, specific, relevant, personalized feedback - the kind you get from a high quality 360 Degree Profile. Over and over, leaders of all kinds who get feedback on their performance said that a 360 gave them the insight they needed to succeed:

  • Better results.
  • More satisfied customers.
  • A competitive advantage.
  • And more confidence in your own success.

A 360 Can Give You a Competitive Edge

I'm passionate about 360s because I've seen the effect they've had on leaders, and for me. More than 7 years ago I took my first 360. Ten of my closest colleagues answered a set of questions I posed to them in an email. That was my first peek into the power of feedback. I learned who I really was as a leader - and who I could be. I discovered my talents. I uncovered my flaws. The whole experience opened my eyes to what others saw in me, for better and for worse. Then I knew exactly what I needed to do to make myself a success. I started to understand who I was and what I needed to do to become the leader I knew I could be.

What is a 360 Degree Profile? It's part survey, part personal reflection. You decide what would be helpful to know about your performance and ask for input from the people all around you. Some leaders use a survey. ("On a scale of 1-10, how effective am I as a leader?") Some use open-ended questions. ("What strengths should I develop? What weaknesses should I avoid?") Some leaders get feedback in person, some via email, and some by anonymous report. There's no single template, but the results are the same: You learn what you're doing that's really working ... and what's not. Naturally, your effectiveness improves.

Over the years, I've received dozens of requests from leaders to tell them more about 360s, and to help them get quality feedback of their own. As I talked with more and more leaders, the 360 was the one strategy that came up again and again, because everyone who had experienced quality, customized feedback knew that it was essential to a leader's success.

Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to get a 360. You had to spend a lot of money, get permission from higher-ups in your organization, and risk embarrassment from having to share your results. I decided that 360s were too valuable to keep from leaders who were committed to their own growth and development -- and that it was time to show every leader how to get in on the 360 secret that highly successful leaders already know.

Success Stories

"The 360 Investment made me realize that I'm not fooling anyone. I knew I had certain weaknesses, but I guess I was hoping no one else had noticed! It was a humbling experience, but it really lit a fire under me to make some positive changes. I used to work around my weaknesses. Now I'm working through them."

John Vibrance
CEO of a Fortune 1000 financial firm

Everyone asks me how to be a more effective leader. Here's the secret: Get clear, specific feedback from people who know what it takes to succeed. For the first time ever, here's a practical program designed to help you do just that. In short, Get Feedback and Get Ahead. This program shows you how. I love it.

Claire Wendover
Executive Coach

Could You Have Flaws That You Don't See?

What if you don't do a 360? Then you just continue going along as you are now. What you don't know can't hurt you, right? Business as usual.The status quo. You will never know what critical information you're missing, because you never asked. In other words, you could be walking around with the leader's equivalent of "spinach in your teeth."

If you think you'll figure out how you're doing on your own, think again. Research shows that people who don't seek quality feedback miss the messages that could be damaging their credibility (or worse). In a report entitled "Why People Fail to Recognize their Own Incompetence," researchers from Cornell and the University of Illinois wrote, "People are unaware of their incompetence, innocent of their ignorance. Where they lack skill or knowledge, they greatly overestimate their expertise and talent, thinking they are doing just fine when, in fact, they are doing quite poorly."

Take the guesswork out of success

On the other hand, people who seek feedback and develop accurate self-awareness perform better as leaders and get better results. The world's greatest leaders understand this. That's why they spend thousands of dollars apiece on 360s every year: Because they want to get ahead. They want to be great. It's time to make the opportunity available to individual leaders so they can take charge of their own success.

A Proven Way to Power Up Your Leadership

Imagine you had a personal leadership coach telling you how you're doing as a leader. Your coach would tell you how you're doing, what to stop, and how you're coming across. No matter what kind of success you've achieved to date, you'd have to admit that input would be pretty powerful, right? You might even think you could become the best of the best. A 360 brings you that kind of feedback time after time.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, "Oh, yes. I know what you're talking about. I get feedback all the time from my boss and employees. Sometimes they even fill out an evaluation form or an assessment."

That kind of feedback is great, I agree. But compared to the power of The 360 Investment, everyday feedback is like a jacket off-the-rack compared to a tailor-made suit. But the tailored 360 will get you feedback with much higher value and a much greater effect.

Although in its most basic form a 360 is feedback on your effectiveness, when properly designed it is also more -- much more.

A 360 Degree Profile allows you to ask what you want to know from the people whose opinion you value most. But until now there wasn't a way to fully explain - and guarantee - that you could do a 360 like that for yourself.

The Complete System to Make It Quick, Easy, and a Guaranteed Success

When I sat down to create this system, I knew that I wanted it to be the best guide to help leaders do an effective 360 for themselves. To do that, I've spent more than two years putting together the #1 program on How to Design and Do Your Own 360 Degree Profile. I could have thrown something together, because quite frankly, there's nothing good out there on this topic. But you deserve more than that. I wanted to do everything in my power to help you succeed, and that meant including detailed, easy-to-use material, along with an audio program in my own voice to serve as your personal coach. Because I know that every leader will do this process their own way, and you will want to be able to navigate this system the way that will work for you.

I've created The 360 Investment so that anyone can get high-quality customized feedback, no matter what level their previous experience with 360s. With this 360 system in hand, you'll discover:

  • What a 360 Degree Profile is, and what it can do for you
  • How to get specific feedback that will actually help you improve
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in 360s
  • What pitfalls leaders fall into when they receive their feedback --and how to avoid these traps
  • How to design specific questionnaires to find out what you really need to know
  • Specific tips to make the process easy and effective
  • How fun and easy it is to develop yourself as a leader when you empower yourself to get your own feedback - whenever you want

Success Stories

"This program is fantastic! I've been asking for feedback from my coworkers for years, but only after using Joelle's program can I truly understand the mistakes I made -- as well as what's worked and why. I wasted a lot of time, and only wish I had this program from the very start. In fact, I plan to use some new ideas I learned from this program with my team to help them get feedback of their own.

The 360 Investment will launch you to new levels of leadership and get you faster to your goals -- and this program walks you through it: From how to find out what you really need to know to how to create the survey to get the best feedback; how to get insight from the people who have the most to offer, and how to find the gems of learning from the feedback you get.

Thank you for the simplicity and accessibility that makes it possible for anyone who wants to improve themselves to do a 360 that's guaranteed to bring out their natural gifts."

Gina Godin
Executive Vice President of Development for a software development company (promoted to president 6 months after her 360!)

Here's the Program to Start -- or Improve -- Your 360-Degree Profile

Whether you want to do a new 360 for yourself now, or you want to get more out of the feedback you've received in the past, The 360 Investment Program can help you translate feedback into personalized lessons in leadership -- lessons that get you the results you need as well as the personal and professional excellence you want.

This powerful program includes specific, step-by-step, easy-to-use directions and templates to help you find and benefit from the best quality feedback. The 360 Investment Program includes:

The 360 Investment Audio Program -- 7 Steps to Getting the Feedback that will Maximize Your Talent, Improve Your Effectiveness and Increase Your Results. It gives you all the details on what a 360 is, how it works, what it can do for you, how to design your 360, where to find the most useful feedback, and much more.

The 360 Investment Workbook is filled with worksheets, templates, and samples to help you think through every step your 360. You'll discover how to personalize your 360 -- and how to ask for the kind of feedback that will transform your power as a leader.

Now, this is where most coaches would have stopped, but I wanted to make sure you had every piece of information to ensure your success. So I've also created 2 other tools to go along with these two info-packed guides.

Two Bonuses: 1 eBook and 1 Refresher Course

The 360 Investment eBook
The eBook is a word-for-word transcript of the audio program, presented in the form of an eBook that you can easily print and follow along with the program. I know some leaders like to flip the pages and write in the margins, and the eBook gives you a concrete version of the program you can keep on your shelf.

360 Refresher Course The 360 In-a-Word - A Refresher Course
The Refresher Course is a 7-minute audio review. You will find the 360 process so valuable, you will want to do it more than once. But each time will get easier and easier. This short audio will refresh your memory quickly so you can get straight to the feedback - where the real gold is.

OK, now this is really where most coaches would have stopped -- all these materials, giving simple, direct information on how to start your 360 and get customized feedback. But again, I said, "What could make this system even better for everyone?" And I came up with 2 more valuable tools.

Two More Special Gifts for You!

1 Free 20-minute Coaching Consultation
Some leaders find it helpful to get a jump-start from a live coach to answer questions about their 360, so I'm making a coach available to you to be sure the process goes smoothly.

Free email support anytime
Similarly, I'm providing you with free email support anytime you need it to resolve any questions you have and get you back to your 360 fast.


No Special Equipment or Knowledge Needed

I designed The 360 Investment Program so that anyone connected to the Internet can access this valuable information. The files are easy to download from my server and are accessible with either a PC or Mac. Plus, I wrote this system with no complex business jargon -- so you can quickly and easily start your 360, whatever your business experience may be.

All Six 360 Profile Tools

So there you have it. You get all 6 tools to help you create a 360 Degree Profile -- and change your leadership forever. And no special equipment or knowledge is needed. The text files easily download as Adobe PDF documents you can read or print out with your computer. The MP3 audio files can be played on your computer or easily popped onto your iPod or other MP3 music player to take with you.

When I asked fellow coaches what I should charge for The 360 Investment, they quickly told us, "A lot!" They KNOW THAT CUSTOMIZED 360S CAN COST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Even the less expensive 360s cost hundreds of dollars, and you can't even get them without hiring an expensive consultant or coach. But my goal is to jump-start thousands of 360s for leaders around the world. So I've designed the Program to include all 6 parts -- the Audio Program, the Workbook, the eBook, the Refresher Course, 1 20-minute Consultation, and Free Email Support -- for a small investment of $124. (Regularly $247) That's a 50% savings!


Want a sneak peek?See all that you'll receive in this complete system with this Free Preview...

"What a bright idea this is! As a business and personal coach, I'm always looking for ways to help leaders understand themselves better so they get better results. When I find a resource that's going to help them succeed, I share it.

Ironically, I'd been wishing I could find a way to get my clients the kind of high-quality 360 Degree Profile that I knew corporate executives were able to get. I thought it must be possible to get a 360 done one person at a time. I couldn't find it. Nothing was affordable enough, or gave as much flexibility and control over the process´┐Ż UNTIL NOW.

This is, by far, the best program of directions and ready-to-use materials that I've ever seen on the subject. Just what we've been looking for. The 360 Investment is one of those programs that every motivated leader should own, read, and put into action -- but only if they want to see how good they can really be.

Not only will doing your own 360 help your performance, but using this complete resource will shave months, if not years, off your learning curve and help you improve your effectiveness as a leader, and get better results fast with the help of others. It's a must-read."

- Monte Erickson
Business and Personal Coach

"I did a 360 for a peer from another organization that seemed very generic. My 360 was "tailored" for my specific goals and needs."

- Mark Goodman
General Manager of an information technology group and three-time veteran of The 360 Investment.

You Can Tap Into This Wisdom Starting in the Next 7 Minutes

When you click the hotlink below, you'll be taken to a secure online ordering system for your credit card information. Your order will be processed immediately, and you'll get a receipt for your purchase right away along with details on how and where you can download The 360 Investment Program materials. The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be reading your first lessons in less than 7 minutes from now!

Just Say "Maybe" -- Your 60-Day Guarantee

I am 100% confident that if you knew how much this information would help you as a leader, you wouldn't hesitate a moment. But I also understand you may be unsure. That's why I'm making it easy for you to decide. Go ahead and download all of the materials. Read the eBook, listen to the audio files, and use the worksheets, templates, and samples. Then use the program and design your own 360. If you do all this and for some reason you don't agree that our complete 360 Degree Program is worth every penny of the price we're asking, just zip us an email within 60 days and we'll promptly refund your money.

Why are we making this offer? Because we know that a 360 Degree Profile will make a difference -- in your business and in your life.

The 360 Investment No-Risk Order Form

Yes! Sign me up for The 360 Investment. I want to be an exceptional leader and get faster, better results by learning to get high-quality feedback with my own customized 360!

I can't believe I can pay only $124 for the same process executive coaches use to develop top leaders, and that I can do the process easily and quickly on my own.

I understand that change only occurs if I make it happen, and that I must actually apply your techniques if I really want to design a 360 Degree Profile and reap the benefits of this system.

I understand that I will receive instant access to my downloadable copy of The 360-Degree Investment via email within minutes of making the purchase.

I also understand that this material is for my use in designing and doing my own 360 Degree Profile, and I agree not to share the material with others.

I understand that my investment is 100% guaranteed! For up to 60 days after my purchase, I can request a full refund with no questions asked and no hard feelings... all I need to do is simply give you a call and my money will be promptly refunded!

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The 360 Investment program is regularly $247, and I've had people pay a lot more for this information. But for a limited time, I am offering the complete 360 Investment Program for only $124. Why? Is it crazy to give away so much?

Actually, I believe so strongly in the power of 360s, and I want to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible. So I decided to create this limited-time offer. We can offer only a certain number of our systems at this reduced rate, and after that we'll likely move the price higher again. But for now, you can get the entire system for only $124 -- an incredible investment to get your business on the fast track to success.

The 360 Investment program consists of an audio program, workbook, and refresher course in PDF files for printing and audio files. The 360 Investment Program is not a software program.


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Ready? Set? Go!

If you had a surefire way to find out specifically how good you really are - and what's holding you back, wouldn't you want to know now -- or at least try to find out?

Hundreds of leaders told us that participating in a 360 was the most valuable thing they've done to improve as a leader. I've experienced first-hand the breakthroughs and benefits a 360 can bring. And now, I've put together the most complete information to help you quickly and easily reap the benefits of a 360 Degree Profile on your own. I guarantee that once you've experienced the power of a 360 Degree Profile, you'll never leave your leadership to guesswork again.

Sending you best wishes for success,

Joelle Jay

P.S.: While 360 Degree Profiles don't have a deadline, it takes the first step to make it happen. If you're thinking about waiting for someone else to tell you when it would be a good time to get feedback -- why wait? The benefits are too great to put it off even one more day. I've made it incredibly easy for you. Jump in -- make things happen. There's a great gift waiting for you!

Joelle Jay Joelle Jay is an executive coach, speaker and author who helps leaders improve their performance and results. Having worked with hundreds of leaders in business from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships, she's conducted countless 360s for leaders, and for herself. For more information about Joelle's coaching, visit